Low Cost Therapy Program

What should I know about StorieBrooke's Low Cost Therapy Program?

We are excited to announce our new Low Cost Therapy program, which will begin in August 2023. This program will allow StorieBrook to further extend our services to clients who may not otherwise have access, by offering services at well below customary rates.

"What can I expect/how do I qualify for low cost services?"

Like all of our services, our Low Cost Therapy program availability is determined by how many openings our clinicians have. In a situation in which there are no immediate openings, you can choose to be placed on our waiting list for the program, and will be contact as soon as there is an available opening. We are committed to keeping this list short and getting clients seen as soon as possible, and are also happy to offer alternative referrals as needed.

Once you are connected with your clinician, they will help walk you though the initial paperwork for therapy, as well as talking with you about what you can afford in fees. Our Low Cost Therapy program uses a similar model to our sliding fee scale, and there is information on the next page about what to expect, but as always, the final fee will be determined in collaboration between the client and our office.

Our Low Cost Therapy Program is limited to those whose income is less than 3x (300%) of the federal poverty guidelines, and/or have marginalized identities that may impact their financial privilege. Other clients are welcome to use about our Sliding Fee Scale, and to talk with us about what they can afford.

"How do you determine what I pay?"

In a word, collaboratively (just as we like to do anything!). Below is some information on considering what you can afford, but ultimately your clinician will ask you what is reasonable given your budget, and you tell them what works for you. We do not ask you to provide proof of income or paystubs - we're nobody's accountants (and that's probably for the best!).

Common income-based sliding fee scales suggest linking fee schedules to federal poverty guidelines, and varying fees between full rates down to a nominal rate only. This creates a useful suggestion, but we also extend all our scales further for those whose identities have been ignored or persecuted, often to the point of adding to their financial burden (for example people undergoing gender affirming care). And we prefer to let the client lead and state their needs. So here is an example, but we will ask you to tell us what you can afford (remember that this example is based on a single income individual - adjust for families or dependents).

Another useful model in considering what you can pay is the "Green Bottle Approach", created by Alexis J. Cunningfolk. This approach uses the image below to demonstrate how financially some people have access to more resources than others.

Looking at this image, consider where you fall - are you most like the fullest bottle, the emptiest bottle, or the one in the middle? This can help you determine where in a range of fees offered to set your rate.

Our Low Cost Therapy Program is designed for those who have the least resources (the emptiest bottles).

Remember, you can always discuss these needs and any questions you have with your StorieBrook clinician. While financial decisions are up to you, we are happy to help! 

"So how is this possible?"

A combination of factors. StorieBrook has a long-standing commitment to offering a sliding fee scale to all clients. This means offering a different price based on each client’s ability to pay. Our client-led, social justice approach to our sliding fee scale, has, for many years, worked with clients to set fees that meet both their needs and ours. This means that each clinician has availability for clients at a variety of rates, and keeps spaces in their schedule open for reduced fee clients.

Our Low Cost Therapy Program reduces these rates even further by allowing us to reimburse trainee clinicians through clinical experience, supervision and training, as well as monetarily. More clinicians = more availability to see clients!

"A trainee, does that mean my therapist won't be any good?"

Not at all! Our trainees are all graduate students in clinical training programs working towards degrees and licensure in mental health provision. They are chosen via interview an all have committed to the mission and values of StorieBrook Therapy & Consulting. In addition, each of these trainees is directly supervised by Dr, Kieran in their clinical work, while also receiving ongoing training with a variety of community colleagues through our practicum training consortium.