Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that our practice does not provide 24/7 on-call services.  If you need assistance immediately, please contact one of the agencies listed on our RESOURCES page

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to work with you to set up an arrangement that works for you.  Below please find answers to some common questions:

Why should I consider therapy?

Are you experiencing distress? 

Needing a safe environment in which to work through this?

Everyone experiences some distress at one time or another, and everyone has different needs in dealing with problems in their life. Sometimes these problems are in specific areas, such as problems in a relationship, grieving a loss, problematic behaviors, or concern about what others think of you. Other times problems can be broader, such as general dissatisfaction with one’s self or one’s life.

Most people can benefit from the support and expertise of a caring professional. Our commitment is to help you identify your strengths and use them to more effectively manage your emotional health.

A relationship with a therapist can become a safe place in which to address concerns freely because your therapist is not invested in your life in the same way as friends and family. This gives clients room to discuss and explore what is important to them more completely and empowers them to make the necessary choices and adjustments in their lives. In addition to being a safe place to discuss difficult and/or meaningful topics, a clinically trained therapist has knowledge about how you can address various difficulties in a way that maximizes your chances of success.

What's the difference between therapy &... 

So what's the difference between a therapist and...

"A friend of my partner's metamor knows you/met you/went to your class..."
aka - How do you deal with confidentiality and dual relationships?

How long are sessions?

Is there paperwork?

How much do sessions cost?

Sliding Scale Suggestions - StorieBrook.pdf

Do you take insurance? Which ones?

Do you offer Low-Cost Therapy for clients without insurance or with limited ability to pay?

Low Cost Therapy Pogram - StorieBrook.pdf

What should I know about using my insurance benefits? 

Where are you located/can you do sessions?

Can you just keep my card on file so I don't have to enter it after each session