Training @ StorieBrook

Consultation/Supervision Group Forming

At the request of colleagues, Dr. Kieran is forming a consultation/supervision group that will be open to mental health professionals* who want to develop expertise in working with sexual, gender and relationship diversity.  

Dr. Kieran has been training in this area for over 15 years, and loves spending time with clinicians talking through the unique aspects of each case.  The consultation group members will be provided with access to didactic training in this area as needed (either scheduled as a group, or recordings provided), and will also be given discounts on forthcoming trainings given by Dr. Kieran.  

For more information, or to reserve a space in this group, e-mail  Please include your name, level of education, licensure (if applicable), location, and times available. 

*Please note, this group is for professionals who have completed graduate training.  Rising professionals who are still in training are welcome to apply for the StorieBrook Practicum opportunities (listed below).  

StorieBrook Therapy Advanced Practicum

Practicum Description

A primary goal of practicum training is the development, by means of supervised direct client contact, of competent and ethical clinicians able to deliver basic and effective assessment and therapeutic intervention skills.  The StorieBrook Therapy Practicum is designed to develop these skills specifically for clinicians interested in working in the areas of sexual, gender and relational diversity, including with marginalized populations in these areas, issues of concern for these populations, and intersections with these and other identities and concerns.  The presenting clinical issues seen by our practice vary, representing those often seen by many generalist practitioners, but with the specific overlay of providing these services to marginalized and targeted populations, while affirming these identities and recognizing the impact of minority stress. 

Student progress in practicum is evaluated in three major areas: theoretical knowledge, clinical skills, and professional attitudes.  The ethical standards of the American Psychological Association (as well as ACA and NASW) are incorporated into student training.  Training in each of these areas is provided as part of the practicum experience. 

Practicum Outline

·         8 to 10 hours of "direct service" per week. 

§  "Direct service" includes face-to-face provision of psychological services to individuals designated by the agency

o   Direct service hours can be flexibly scheduled in consultation with the site supervisor, and can include evening and weekend hours. 

·         Up to 8 hours of supervision, paperwork, “indirect service” activities, research and "training activities" per week

§  "Indirect service" may include community outreach, consultation, education, program development and/or evaluation, and support services (e.g., report writing, record maintenance, or case preparation)

§  "Training activities" include formal supervision, case conferences, case management/utilization review meetings, rounds, administrative/planning meetings, in-service training/seminars, and co-therapy with senior mental health staff.

o   1 hour of individual supervision with Dr. Kieran per week

o   2 hours of case conference/practice supervision per week

o   4-6 hours of specialty training seminars per month

o   Individual indirect service hours can be flexibly scheduled in consultation with the site supervisor, and may include evening and weekend hours. 

o   Case conference, practice supervision and training seminars will be scheduled in advance and a schedule for each semester provided to the student in advance. 

·         Total goal – 500+ hours in the practicum training experience over the course of the academic year commitment. 

For more information, please read the document below in its entirety.  

StorieBrook Therapy Practicum.pdf