Storie - noun, middle english - the spoken or textual recounting of historic events or happenings
Brook - common symbol in literature & art for the life of the protagonist; water is also a common symbol for emotion

Our stories weave through our lives, shaping and being shaped by the landscape around them.  We dream of peace and wholeness, but must recognize that we cannot stop the flow, but must befriend it, love it, and learn to shape it as we travel.  

Bespoke, collaborative & inclusive therapy services with specialty focus in sexual, gender and relational diversity. We place an emphasis on cultural humility, inclusion, affirming neurodivergence, and educating communities, trainees and other professionals.  

Providing a range of services specializing in sexual, gender & relational diversity, recognizing that this is an expansive category, intersecting with all other identities and requiring deliberate opportunities for access, cultural humility on the part of providers, and bespoke collaboration with clients to meet their unique needs. 

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Founded in 2007, our practice is led by a psychologist with expertise in the areas of sexual, gender and relational diversity. We provide therapy that is LGBTQIQ+-affirmative, sex-positive, intersectional, and polyamory- and kink-knowledgeable. Our work includes individual counseling/psychotherapy, particularly growth/insight oriented work, in addition to relationship counseling, referral services, social work and some assessments. 

We provide adult psychotherapy services (18 yo +) in-person and via telepsychology, generally on a weekly (or less) basis (depending on client need). We are not "in-network" for any insurance. However, we do have the ability to file "out of network" claims for a limited number of insurance companies. We also can provide clients with the receipts needed to file a claim. We also offer a sliding fee scale available to all clients. 

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